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Readers E-mails
Hello there. I found your website and wanted to comment on the st-15 engine seperation. I have had this happen twice now and am in the process of sending it in for repair the 2nd time. I have a feeling this WILL happen to EVERY one of these engines. I think this engine was built for airplanes judging by the canister muffler and not meant for the on/off throttle abuse of off road.

Anyhow...there is four TINY philips head screws that hold the cylinder down to the crankcase and it is pathetic. Have you got yours back yet??? Any permenant fixes you know of? I think my warranty is up and may have problems this round. Other than the motor falling apart this car hauls ass.


[Unable to display image]Hey this is Tim from silver spring,Maryland. here is
a pic from my st15 my many hop-ups include gs racing fuel line,hpi
hardware,tuned pipe,rpm talonz wheels,proline and tamiya tires. This was
finished off using pactra paint.This also was the first body i have ever
painted.(my engine isn't in the pic 'cuz i was cleenin' it)[Unable to display
image][Unable to display image]

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