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Nitro ST-15

The Nitro ST-15 By Tower Hobbies

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I recently purchased a Nitro ST-15 and was browsing the web for information about this wonderfully inexpensive Stadium Truck (ST). I found various theorys and ideas concerning its origins, longevity, and replacement parts. I am hoping to provide a place for everyone to get together and collaberate on what is true and what is false about the Nitro ST-15.

Here is what I am hoping will happen... People will send me email about the stories and information that you come up with on this quick little truck.
The few little things that I have picked up are

  1. The ST-15 is like the Duratrax ST or MT vehicles
  2. Use maximum 15% nitro mix for longevity
  3. The stock tires suck
  4. You WILL burn up a glow plug during break in
  5. Run it rich during break-in. It wont run as fast but it will run longer.
  6. Run without the body for the first six tanks
  7. It will take six tanks till the paint drys anyway
  8. The little black rubber tube hooks to your muffler so your rear a-arms dont get soaked with nitro
  9. CHECK YOUR RECOIL MOUNT SCREWS !! These come loose and ruin your recoil.
  10. "LHS" means Local Hobby Shop ;-)

Readers write !!

Hello, My name is Nat Burnett and I am a college student in Washington State. I recently bought a ST-15 as my first gas powered RC truck. I have had a real hard time getting it to keep running without the glow warmer in it. I suspect that this is due to the fuel/air being to rich. I first thought it was my glow plug, so I pulled it with some plyers and then after re-installing it, found out that I didn't tighten it enough. hahah, oh well, on my trip down south I am going to stop by a hobbie shop and get an actual glow plug puller. Do you think it is the richness? When I had it running leaner, the thing scared me to death because it was reving so high I thought the piston was going to shoot right through the top. In tribute to the site... When I got my ST-15, the air filter was some crappy foam P.O.S. instead of the one viewable on the website. In Addition, the plastic piece that hooks the servo arm to the steering ball was too small and also didn't look like the picture shown. They also left out one of the small springs used on the servo arm for the throttle body, but I jerry rigged it and it works fine. So as of now I have no steering, but am working on breaking in the engine in the mean time. I just got my body painted and think it looks really good, so I will be sending pics once I get ahold of a friend's digital camera. One question, is the 2-speed tranny hard to install at all? Or is it pretty self explanatory?

Your Brother in RC enthusiasm,
Nat Burnett

P.S. I admire the site and hope you keep it running, good luck!

This Web site features my own ST-15 and stuff I (and readers) came up with. I aint da best at dis stuff but hey, I aint daworst !

ATTENTION!!! ST-15 recoil screws falling out

My truck was ordered 05-31-01 (arrived 06-01-01)
It Lost most of the screws from the recoil by 06-07-01
My friend has a car that has done the same thing in the same time frame.
This is an ongoing problem that I have seen on newgroup discussions and from talking to Tower Hobbies. If the screws become loose they will fall out and if you try to start it you WILL break the recoil. Maybe remove the screws and apply LocTite to prevent loosening. Contact your LHS for what grade LocTite to use in that situation.
The Warranty Center at Tower Hobbies is 217-398-0007

Latest Problem with My Truck

Well I have had another interesting problem with my truck.This time the cylinder is coming loose from the crankcase. I have beentold from Tower Hobbies that this is not to happen so they sent me a labelto send back either the truck or the engine (I truely believe I am sendingin the truck). I am assuming the cylinder is a press fit to the cylinderas I have yet to find screws to take it apart. Once the cylinder is loose,it sucks air and causes the engine to quit no matter what your carbsettings. This all happened within the first gallon of fuel and like I said, I have been running it rich so I dont burn it up. It just seems to have vibrated itself apart.

p.s. another thing I have learned is some people at Tower Warranty Center know what they are talking about... and some don't.


I just bought some tires and they are EXCELLENT ! Dont hesitate to dump those old spiky things. Tower sells these Pro-Line Dirt Paw tires and since I have changed em I have a hard time steering as the front end now wants to leave the ground. A definate must. I also purchased the DuraTrax rims and they are designed not to need glueing. Another must if you are a cheepskate like me.

Keeping Your Car Cool

It is highly important that you keep your .15 engine cool, especially during break-in. You can buy fancy thermometers and stuff but the bottom line is keep it cool !
One way to keep it cool is to not lean it out too much. Leaning it out (turn jet screw right/in to lean) will make it run faster and at the same time hotter.
Run it richer (turn out/left to richen) and it will run slower but cooler. Also a really rich motor (i.e.break-in) will trash glow plugs. I rather spend a buck or two on a glowplug than 50 dollars on a rebuild.

Washing and Waxing Tips

The Lexan bodies are painted on the inside so if you wash it, wash the outside to keep from damaging the paint. Don't scrub the inside. Also if you run your truck without the silicone tube on it you WILL dirty up the inside of your body (and everything else in there) with fuel from the exhaust.
The electronics are NOT water proof. Either remove them or take extreme care NOT to spray water in them. Soap and water clean most stuff and a tooth bruch comes in handy. Use engine cleaner from your "LHS"(see above list item 10) is good for cleaning off residual fuel.

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ST-15 Advantages
The ST-15 is a very affordable way to get into Radio Controlled "non-electric" trucks.
Tower Hobbies currently is selling this truck for only 199 and that includes radio, servos, engine, body, even a glow plug starter. I am told this sale will continue till very early July.
Tower Hobbies ST-15 Sale.

More Pictures

I am starting a photo archive of user ST-15's--Send me your picture of your ST and check out the others already there!
See the Photos link at the top of the page.

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Nitro ST-15
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